#PLAYUNPULGGED is the motto of our community. We believe that board games provides a great platform for kids and adults to play together without the constant needs of checking their cellphones.

As we grow older and bitter, we often lose our ability to make firends. Our community treats everyone as equals and accepts them with open hands. Stranger today means friends tomorrow!.


“Some people may call you a customer, but to us you are a big part of our family.”

Galih Aristo, Founder

Our History

2005 – Dimulai sebagai komunitas game lokal.

2014 – Melahirkan “Arcanum Hobbies” sebagai komunitas & toko online.

2015 – Berpartisipasi dalam berbagai acara (POPCON, Indonesia Comic Con).

2016 – Membuka toko dan tempat  bermain boardgame di Mall Kuningan City. 

2017 –  “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.” Dan Archie the Great Owlbear pun lahir! Nama “Archie” diambil dari Archimedes, burung hantu piaraan Merlin. Berasal dari unsur Yunani archos (“master”) dan medomai (“berpikir, merencanakan”). 

Lalu terus bertumbuh sebagai keluarga besar Arcanum Hobbies.


Vision & Mission

Arcanum Hobbies memiliki misi menyebarkan konsep #PlayUnplugged kepada masyarakat luas dan memajukan industri board game di Indonesia. Kami percaya bahwa unsur duduk bersama dan interaksi langsung antar pemain dalam boardgames adalah unsur penting yang semakin hilang di era informasi seperti sekarang ini.

Arcanum membuka peluang kolaborasi terhadap semua pihak yang tertarik untuk membeli boardgames, menambahkan aspek boardgames dalam cafe / restoran yang dimiliki, maupun mengadakan workshop dan event lain yang terkait boardgames.


Meet Our Team

The boys behind the board.

Galih Aristo

Owner & Founder
Boardgames and PopCulture is his passions, an Omni Collector. Geeky Father of two great kids who have a visions of a perfect world is better with board games.

Audi Tri Harsono

Co- Founder
His passion for board games was first sparked during his study abroad, where board game cafes and libraries are more common. Loves to play medium light strategy games but has the most passion for duel card games. Let's du du du Duel!


Store Partner
Loves collecting solo and multiplayer Role Playing Games and card games. The bigger the community, the bigger the challenge!


Game Master
Avid Gamer who loves Rhythm Games, MOBA, and FPS turned into Board games. The one who observes and always looking for people who has the same interest in playing Boardgames.

Dada Nagara

Trapped with Arcanum Hobbies because he wanted to create YouTube contents for his own channel without having to buy games. Please like comment and subscribe :/

Hendri Gunawan

Game Master
Fell into modern tabletop hobby since 2016 thanks to Scrabble and other word playing games. As he tries more games, point salad games become his favorite. You can call him vegan-gamer.


Game Master
Started playing board games early with the classic Monopoly. Then rekindled the fire with Bang! the card game. Likes to play light games that is easy to teach and understand. Also into Tabletop RPGs: D&D, Fiasco, Call of Cthulhu, you name it, I'll play it!