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November 7, 2018

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Jangan tegang bacanya, Santai Aja Kali.

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September 1, 2018

Zombicide: Green Horde – Review


Our board game store, located at Kuningan City Mall in South Jakarta, has been established since October 2016.  We provide a wide variety of original board games, from simple abstract games to heavy strategy games, both local and international titles.
Our play area has a growing collection of 300+ board games of all categories. It can accommodate up to 35 players and are open every day, from 1PM to 10PM (contact us for earlier playtime).
Online store


We provide social exercises through carefully curated board games.
Our basic program covers topic such as team building,
creativity, and storytelling capacity.

Get ready for 6 hour filled with fun and laughter
as we bond your team together!


Arcanum Academy is a one-month program designed to provide a crash course on how to design your own board games.
Our class opens twice a year,


Arcanum Hobbies has a long history of providing board game play area in pop culture events: Indo Comic Con, PopCon Asia, Bekraf Game Prime, AFA ID, and Jakarta Toys and Comic Fair.
We can also host play day at your cafes, restaurants, and private parties. We’ll provide the game master and the games, so you can focus on enjoy the events!

Arcanum is a community based store. We started as small community for board game players back in 2005. The community adopt the name ARCANUM HOBBIES in 2014, along with the launch of our online store. We started participating in various pop culture events like POPCON, INDO COMIC CON, and in 2016 opened our brick-and-mortar store in Kuningan City. The community grew even larger, with regular play session at our store, and now we provide board gaming hosting services to companies, malls, or other communities. Our previous clients including Ogilvy & Mather Indonesia, Toyota, Trax FM, Layaria, Game Dev Jakarta.

Galih Aristo

Owner - Founder
Boardgames and PopCulture is his passions, an Omni Collector. Geeky Father of two great kids who have a visions of a perfect world is better with board games.  

Audi Tri Harsono

Co - Founder
His passion for board games was first sparked during his study abroad, where board game cafes and libraries are more common. Loves to play medium light strategy games but has the most passion for duel card games. Let's du du du Duel!


Store Partner
Loves collecting solo and multiplayer Role Playing Games and card games. The bigger the community, the bigger the challenge!


Game Master
Avid gamers who loved Rythm Games, MOBA, FPS turn in to board games. The one who observed and always looking for people who has the same interest to play board games.

Dada Nagara

Trapped with Arcanum Hobbies because he wanted to create YouTube contents for his own channel without having to buy games. Please like comment and subscribe :/

Hendri Gunawan

Game Master
Fell into modern tabletop hobby since 2016 thanks to Scrabble and other word playing games. As he tries more games, point salad games become his favorite.  You can call him vegan-gamer.


Game Master
Started playing board games early with the classic Monopoly. Then rekindled the fire with Bang! the card game. Likes to play light games that is easy to teach and understand. Also into Tabletop RPGs: D&D, Fiasco, Call of Cthulhu, you name it, I'll play it!